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5 ways to overcome the fear of job change

Article #1: If in your head more often appears a thought "I love my job, but...", it is no other than an intuition's signal that suggests you to think about changes ... read more

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10 precepts of the beginner

Article #2: In the matter of job hunting is important to take into account all aspects. It is significant not only to find the optimum option, which can satisfy your high inquiries, but do not lose it because of your carelessness to "trifles" ... read more

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The first phone conversation with the potential employer

Article #3: Standard situation - you, having seen the vacancy suitable for you, certainly, decided to call the employer, but suddenly stop in confusion. It's not so easy to do! ... read more

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Your requirements to the prospective work

Article #4: The list of requirements which you impose to estimated job and the employer is certainly extensive and various. Mainly, there are, certainly, financial issues - regularity and size of salary's payment ... read more

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How to stop thinking about work in free time and to learn to have a rest

Article #5: When there are problems at work, even at home is difficult to stop thinking about it. This is the reason of bad mood, because it's difficult to pay worthy attention to the family, moreover, it can cause insomnia ... read more

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What to do if you are excessively loaded with the work?

Article #6: Are you constantly overworked and return home completely exhausted? You even don't have enough time to bring to an end one task, furthermore, are got another one. Such working rhythm is familiar to many. Let's try to modify it ... read more

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How not to do much harm to career through social networking?

Article #7: Many people use social networks. You do not even think that your "inoffensive" posts, comments and likes can affect career very negatively ... read more

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5 signs of an ideal chief

Article #8: Do you consider that ideal heads don't happen? Then our arguments can convince you of the contrary! The title of "the perfect boss" deserves one who, following these five concepts, organizing the work process. ... read more

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What motivation's ways are used by employers?

Article #9: Your employer is equally skillfully charges inspiration new employee and seasoned old-timer? He probably owns the art of staff's motivation and knows exactly that rewards can be not only material. Here are some tricks which employers often resort to ... read more