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What to do if you are excessively loaded with the work?

Article #6: What to do if you are excessively loaded with the work?

What to do if you are excessively loaded with the work?

Are you constantly overworked and return home completely exhausted? You even don't have enough time to bring to an end one task, furthermore, are got another one. Such working rhythm is familiar to many. Let's try to modify it.

Employers generally wish workers to carry out as many tasks as possible. Unfortunately, it seems quite normal from their side. But how to reach an employer's comprehension? How to "prove" that you aren't simply sluggish; but there naturally isn't enough time to implement all working tasks?

Use 5 main tips to explain carefully your "dissatisfaction" to the boss.

The leadership rarely has information about your overworking

The manager of your office or your immediate superior won't be able to help if doesn't know about existence of the "trouble". The widespread error is certitude that the chief is informed about your tiredness, carrying a huge amount of responsibility. The major portion of information about your "job pressure" is known only to you. Remember that unless the issue be voiced, the right decision won't be found.

Try to depict the conditions to the superiors

Tell the boss about your overload. Seek the occasion to describe all reasons of the question. Maybe you were assigned duties of previous workers, or the volume of working on definite clients increased for certain reasons, etc. You certainly know most of facts and nuances like no other.

Suggest alternatives

For problem solving, it's valuably not only "narrate" about the troublesome circumstances but also to offer the alternative. How it is better to distribute some duties? What tasks can be postponed for a while?

Reach compromise

If your boss resists or stay idle, insist on the facts, persuading him to find a trade-off. Explain the point of view that all tasks must be done well; otherwise the result won't benefit the company. Convince your management that you are one team, and so have the common goals. Surely, in intricate situations you need to act and solve all problems simultaneously.

Observe balance

If you resolve two affairs at once, they fully occupy your working hours, and suddenly arises the third - it's necessary to take measures. Explain the manager that one task must be temporarily postponed. Define the importance all of them, then denote the stages of the fulfillment. Unambiguously, it's hardly possible to disturb balance, try to do all possible to avoid of affecting quality. But you as a performer must afford dependable facts and to predict the result. An experienced leader knows what exactly purposes the company pursues. So, he surely will do everything possible to make a difference for the better.

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